40+ Years of Communities magazine Back Issue Yard Sale!

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40+ Years of Communities magazine  Back Issues Yard Sale Christopher Kindig, Business Manager Communities magazine has chronicled the challenges and celebrations of community living since 1972. This stacks up to 165 issues where “C-mag” has brought you lessons learned, methods for solving problems as groups, and inspiration that thriving through cooperation is possible! While staff… Read More

Mass Mosaic helps people connect to share in abundance

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Wouldn’t it be great if you could share your skills and what you have in abundance, and receive help from those who have what you are lacking? This is how a new network called Mass Mosaic helps people connect to share in abundance. “Your skills, things, interests, experiences, passions, and dreams make you unique. Each… Read More

Building United Judgment, Now Available for Download!

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Community Bookstore Building United Judgment A Handbook for Consensus Decision Making Available in Print & for the first time in Digital Format Reviewed by June Wallenburg Building United Judgment by the Center for Conflict Resolution Re-published by the Fellowship for Intentional Community 124 pages, Paperbound, 8.5″ x 11″; or Digital Download; ISBN 9780318170381 Building United Judgment… Read More

Community Bookstore Sale! The Natural Kitchen, Your Guide to the Sustainable Food Revolution

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Community Bookstore Special The Natural Kitchen Bring Balance and Reverence Back to the Table by June, Community Bookstore Manager The Natural Kitchen Bring Balance and Reverence Back to the Table by Deborah Eden Tull 281 pages, softcover, ISBN: 9781934170120, 2010 “How we eat determines to a considerable extent how the world gets used.” ―W. Berry.… Read More

Bookshelf Special! Depletion and Abundance

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Community Bookstore Special Depletion and Abundance Life on the New Home Front by June, Community Bookstore Manager Depletion and Abundance   A book about Life on the New Home Front by Sharon Astyk Paperback (2008), 228 pages; ISBN 978-0865716148 A much needed and well-written book, Depletion and Abundance offers practical ways to address climate change,… Read More

Free Permaculture eBooks

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Permaculture is all about one part of a system trying to help another, so this is our attempt to help replicate that, by sharing permaculture knowledge as freely and as widely as we can. In this section you’ll find a selection of completely free eBook downloads on permaculture and wider environmental topics, including the fantastic… Read More

Free Webinars on Permaculture

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Today at 1pm EST catch a free live webinar on Edible Landscaping! If you can’t make it to the farm, learn with us online. Check out the 2013 Webinar series here:

Edible Landscaping Seminar

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Seed Savers Exchange board member, award winning photographer, author and landscape designer Rosalind Creasy will deliver a free webinar on ‘Edible Landscaping’!! You don’t want to miss this, find more information and register here:   Watch online for free, and check out their archive of empowering education here:    

Organic Mechanic on Facebok

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Green Solutions & Green Good News!   Organic Mechanic on Facebok


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Permaculture: the science and art of thriving with nature. For more info check out our friends’ magazine and free resources:    

Seed Saving Tips

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Growing Tomatoes

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13 Do’s & Do Not’s of Growing Tomatoes:

Modern Farmer on Facebook

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Get your Farm On with these helpful tips!

How to Find and Join an Intentional Community

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How to Find Community: a treasure trove of resources.   Read More:

Community Bookshelf

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Learn how to Build and Sustain a Community!

Gaia’s Garden on Sale

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Community Bookshelf Special, 15% discount Gaia’s Garden, 2nd Edition “…the best permaculture book ever written…” Buy it here:

Intentional Community

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What is an Intentional Community? Intentional Community is the radical notion that how we live ought to be based on our values. Strange that this is “radical” but the truth is, many people struggle to integrate their values into their daily lives, and intentional community provides a rare forum to be able to live, well…… Read More