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Author: Christopher Kindig

Christopher Kindig grew up near and now lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Christopher majored in Psychology at Texas A&M, and founded a green technology company, OrganicMechanic.com, in 2005. He now also serves as the Advertising and Business Manager of the Fellowship for Intentional Community, and is a Sales Representative for Baltimore’s first online farmers market by delivery, RelayFoods.com. Christopher loves growing, cooking, and eating fresh food, traveling, yoga, hiking, nature, good people, intellectual inquiry, stimulating conversation, and long walks, especially with his partner. Articles by Christopher Kindig include: Greasing the Wheels (Issue # 161) Climate Changes (Issue # 161)

Technology: Our External Thumb

Posted on December 8, 2014 by

Instead of asking whether technology is a “friend or foe,” perhaps we should be asking how to better help friends and reduce foes through the use of technology.

Business. Busy-ness. Coincidence?

Posted on June 5, 2014 by

Improving our relationships to work, money, and entrepreneurship can dramatically enhance our sense of community and quality of life.

Climate Changes

Posted on January 14, 2014 by

Intentional communities are in a unique position to respond to climate change.

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