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Say goodbye to the old FIC…

A completely new look for FIC is almost here!
cynthiaatina – 6 days ago

What Can We Learn from the Amish?
For most people throughout human history, community and land were inseparable.
Michael McClellan – 1 month ago
A New Look for the Foundation for Intentional Community
A letter from the new Communications Director, Cynthia Tina
cynthiaatina – 2 months ago

Land Speaking through the People

Every aspect of the human project needs our attention now as the ecological and social crises of our times intensify.
Cassandra Ferrera – 3 months ago

Cross-Class Cooperation and Land Access
Every community that owns property and whose “origin story” I know has a few things in common...
Yana Ludwig – 2 months ago
Community Land, Free/By Donation Digital Download
10+ amazing articles about people connecting with the land.
Chris Roth – 3 months ago

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