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ONLINE  Classifieds help to get your message out, while supporting the work of the FIC.  We offer Regular and Feature Classifieds.

Regular Online Classified Ads are a low cost way to reach our audience, especially when reserved annually.

They run only $20 for 1 month online, $40 for 3 months, or $125 for an entire year.

Featured Online Classified Ads receive premium placement and are listed on the left sidebar of most pages as well as on the home page.

They run $50 for 1 month, $125 for 3 months or $400 for an entire year.

Each ad is reviewed. If yours is not in the right category, you will be contacted about it.  You will be able to  edit your ad anytime after posting by logging into our site and looking for the link or links to your ad(s).


Special Ad Packages are Available for those who wish to combine Online advertising with Print advertising in our quarterly, Communities Magazine.  We also have packages that include social media platforms as well.

For any questions, email our Ads manager: or  Call 415-991-0541.

Thank you!


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