Seeking members for your community or looking for one to join? Want to buy, sell or rent a home in a community? Promote your professional services to hundreds of potential clients? Market your event to a larger audience?

Welcome to the most visited Communities Classifieds website on the planet. FIC has spent 35+ years growing a vast network, with 40,000 unique visitors and 300,000 pageviews on our website each month. We provide classified ads as a cost-effective way to help seekers, buyers, sellers, entrepreneurs and professionals connect and build community.

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Classified Ads

Regular: This is a great low cost way to reach your audience. Plus we offer one complimentary month of classified advertisement for Community Seekers and Forming Communities! 1 Month – $24 | 3 Months – $48 | 12 Months – $150

Featured: Your ad will be highlighted at the top of the listing and displayed in the sidebar on nearly every page of That means ten times (10x) the pageviews! 1 Month – $60 | 3 Months – $150 – most popular! | 12 Months – $480

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Banner Ads

This is the best way to get reach on our website! These image-based ads appear in the right hand side bar of most of our web pages.  They receive over 300,000 pageviews and 100-300 clicks each month. Learn more.

Room for up to 1,000 words text and a minimum of one (1) image and a maximum of ten (10) images. First image becomes lead image on main Classified Page. HTML friendly. You can log in and edit your ad any time after it is posted.

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