Understanding How Consensus Works in Communities

Consensus offers excellent prospects, if done well, for developing group depth and cohesion—the very thing most crave when building community. 
Join consensus expert Laird Schaub for a brief webinar on how consensus can work within your community to build connection.

Community Connect for Newcomers

Want to learn more about intentional communities? Whether you are brand new or have been following the movement, we have resources for you! Join us for a general orientation where you’ll get to meet other interested in community as well as get your burning questions answered.

Filling Leadership Roles in your Community

Power and leadership are tender yet potent topics when it comes to community dynamics, and often times communities don't plan well for filling leadership roles. Join Laird Schaub for an introductory webinar on what you should consider when filling leadership roles in your community.

Community Connect for Starters

Are you ready to co-create a new intentional community? Whether you are just getting started or are already part of a group that’s deep in conversation, you’re not alone! Join us for a facilitated session where you’ll get to meet other aspiring founders, share stories, talk shop, and leave with new ideas, inspiration, and allies in your journey.

Community Connect for Seekers

Thinking about joining an intentional community? Come learn about the options out there, the process for joining, and how to find the community that’s right for you. Get your questions answered, learn from the stories of others, and participate in exercises to deepen into your community journey.

Community Connect for Residents

Living in community can be heartwarming, heartbreaking, wonderfully fulfilling, and incredibly challenging - all at the same time. It is a priceless, unique experience that can only be understood by living it. During these sessions we'll support and learn from each other.

Want to dive deeper into how to join, start or grow an intentional community?
Join us for an upcoming course!

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