Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities March 2024

Thinking about joining an intentional community? Curious to learn about communities from them directly? Want to peek inside community living and get your questions answered? The Virtual Tour of Intentional Communities is the event experience for you!

Find Your Fit: A Practical Guide to Joining an Intentional Community

Looking to join a community without the hassle of starting from scratch? It's possible! With hundreds of communities in various stages of development, finding one that matches your values, lifestyle, and vision is more achievable than ever.
Join community matchmaker Cynthia Tina for A Practical Guide to Joining an Intentional Community, a step-by-step approach to finding your ideal community.

Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities March

Discover the essentials of starting your own intentional community with March's Blueprints for Belonging: Conversations on Creating Intentional Communities featuring Jan Martin Bang.
This event series is crafted for emerging community founders, offering direct access to practical advice and insights from experts in the field. Led by Cynthia Tina, who brings her experience from visiting over 200 communities worldwide, each session features one-to-one interviews with community consultants, founders, and educators.

Common Legal Issues in Community

Strong and responsive legal agreements within communities are key to both their long-term success and maintaining healthy relationships between community members. In this webinar, you’ll learn about some of the most common legal issues that communities face and how to prepare for them.

Understanding Values to Make Better Group Decisions

While it is generally understood that a clearly-defined set of values are at the heart of every successful community, it is less well-known how we might achieve that clarity and then use those values towards better decision making. Join social designer and facilitator, Tristan Holme, for a webinar on how communities can understand their values to make better group decisions.

Cooperative Self-Governance for Communities and Beyond

A wise communitarian once said, the best thing about living in community is the people, and the worst thing about living in community is the people. And one of the places this shows up most is around governance. Join long-term communitarian and movement builder Sky Blue to for a deep dive into cooperative self-governance for communities and beyond. You'll gain a greater sense of clarity and possibility for how your group can align your governance system with your vision & culture.

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