Designing Equitable and Accountable Communities

Community accountability is about translating values into practice, practicing generative conflict, preventing and responding to harm without centering liability or the state, and responding to patterns of harm and conflict through emergent and adaptive organizational strategy. Join Spring Up’s Leander and Stas Phoenix for an interactive workshop on how you can design equitable and accountable community.

Summer Solstice Celebration and Ceremony

Rituals are an important way to honor the seasons and cycles of our lives and that of the natural world of which we are a part. Join ritualist and facilitator Lizzie Salsich for community connection at the summer solstice celebration and ceremony.

Regenerative Economics for Intentional Communities and Beyond

Regenerative Economics moves us from extractive and exploitative ways of living, working, and meeting our needs to ways that are more just, equitable, and healthy for both people and the planet. Join renegade economist Della Duncan for an introductory workshop on Regenerative Economics for your intentional community and beyond.

Healing Conversations for Troubling Times

Join community healer LaRahna Hughes for a workshop on how to have healing conversations during troubling times. When we have this knowledge, our communities, groups, and organizations are better able to be socially resilient during times of conflict and crisis.

Introduction to Sociocracy

Sociocracy is an organizational model based on equivalence, efficiency, and transparency. With decisions made through consent and feedback loops, everyone feels involved and supported in the process. Join trainer Genny Carraro to discover the power of inclusive decision-making in this introduction to Sociocracy workshop.

Place Justice 101: Making, Taking and Keeping Place

To varying degrees, we all shape and are shaped by the places we inhabit. Join artist, facilitator and place justice consultant ridhi d’cruz in an exploration of designing justice at the intersections of healing, creativity and place.

Reclaiming Death and Dying in Community

Contemplating death, ours and others, is a deeply empowering practice that allows us to live more fully in the present and gives us access to an immense gratitude for the miracle of our own existence. Join seasoned and end-of-life educator Lee Warren for a 2-part exploration of end of life literacy, death positivity, and the conscious dying movement.

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