40+ Years of Communities magazine Back Issue Yard Sale!

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40+ Years of Communities magazine 
Back Issues Yard Sale
Christopher Kindig, Business Manager

Communities magazine #149Communities magazine has chronicled the challenges and celebrations of community living since 1972. This stacks up to 165 issues where “C-mag” has brought you lessons learned, methods for solving problems as groups, and inspiration that tCommunities magazine #153hriving through cooperation is possible!

While staff has done their best over the years to keep up with ebb and flow of supply and demand, the fluctuations have left us with extra inventory of some back issues. Instead of keeping them in the FIC office, how about Communities magazine #155adding some to your bookshelf?

Let’s have a back issue yard sale!

From now until the end of March, enjoy these magazine offerings at heavily discounted rates!

3 back issues for $10
10 back issues for $25
25 back issues for $50
Communities magazine #118

This special is good for both print and digital issues! Just add the issues to your cart and the discount will appear Communities magazine #58auto- magically. Also check out:

Complete Back Issue Set for $250

Receive all 165 issues of Communities magazine (about 95 in print, and all 165 in digital)!

Going, going, gone!

Back issues are normally $5 each, so these special deals offer unprecedented savings.

Shipping is not included in the special prices. Digital issues are of course shipping free!

Thank you for your interest in healthy communities and in a more connected world!

Order by phone or mail:

138 Twin Oaks Rd
Louisa VA 23093
800-462-8240 [US & Canada]

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