Buy, Eat, and Live Local With Help From BALLE’s New Toolkits

Posted on November 7, 2016 by

Whether it’s eating local, supporting worker-owned businesses, or taking money out of Wall Street banks, the “localist” movement is on the rise. While the dominance of mega-corporations like Wal-Mart and Amazon may seem complete, small businesses make up half of the U.S. GDP and create over three times as many jobs.

The Business Alliance for Local Living Economies has launched a new website making it easier to learn about the impact of small businesses on our economy, and why keeping it local matters.

BALLE knows a lot about the importance of ethical entrepreneurship. The organization helped in the development of the B Corporation, a type of business that prioritizes a social, economic, or environmental mission over endless growth and shareholder profits. B Corps are like the “Fair Trade” certification of the business world.

BALLE’s work spans everything from local currencies to place-based investing – and you can browse regional events and organizations directly on their site.

Plus, check out their Local Economy Framework, which offers 8 strategies for growing resilient communities, or their latest field guide, The Future of Health is Local.

Learn more about BALLE in the video below and see if you’re ready to take the localist pledge:

“As a Localist I will:
* Promote collaboration over competition, and cooperation over hierarchy
* Recognize that my capital has power, and keep dollars where my heart lives
* Cultivate and choose connection, in my business and community”

You can follow BALLE on Twitter at @bealocalist or on their Facebook page.


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