Visit intentional communities on an Ecovillage Tour!

by Cynthia
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Calling all ecovillage and intentional community explorers!

Want to find your home within an established community or a new one you help to create?

Then it’s critical that you first visit the many communities out there.

Discover, learn from, and support existing communities worldwide by joining an ecovillage tour.

Spend time with community founders, gather the inspiration you need, and witness for yourself what community living is all about.

On an ecovillage tour, not only will you travel among communities, you’ll become part of a community with your fellow explorers.

Visiting communities on your own can feel overwhelming and logistically hard. We’ve made it easy.

This is the experience you need on your journey toward community living.


Join an upcoming tour in these locations around the world:

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Got questions about these tours?

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Excited to journey together soon,

Ecovillage Tours Founder

Hear what many past tour participants have to say about their experience:


“For anyone thinking of joining or starting an intentional community, or an ecovillage, this is an absolute must.

Adam Bates, tour participant




“I had an amazing time on the tour!  It gave me an opportunity to experience things that I could have never done on my own.”

Lobsterbird, tour participant




It is an experience worth paying for. You get to know places and people who are on the real hands on effort for bringing change and make local ecosystems more resilient.”

Eduardo Bryce, tour participant