The Revolution will be Podcasted

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Are you Listening?

We’re searching for hope, we’re fighting for change, we’re learning new tactics and strategies, and we’re uniting to make a difference together.

Activists, journalists, citizens, and revolutionaries are creating podcasts to discuss issues that concern us all, and the innovative ways that people are addressing them.

Podcasts to the Rescue

Podcasts are basically like radio shows that you can listen to at any point once they are released. They are typically listened to through your mobile device, often on people’s commute, during cooking or chores, or at the gym.

Many include long form conversations with thought leaders about pertinent issues, interlaced with interviews of people involved in the movement, with thoughtful reflections, resources to plug into, and often laughter or inspiration throughout.

Here is a list of 25 Podcasts focused on some of the values that FIC holds dear: sustainability, cooperation, and social justice, including efforts in cooperative economics, activism, and experiments to live more resiliently:

  1. The Response by Shareable
  2. Upstream Radio by the Upstream Institute for a Healthy Society
  3. Solidarity House, Cowboys on the Commons, and Solidarity Wyoming from Solidarity House Cooperative
  4. Let’s Be Real by New Economy Project
  5. Building Local Power by Institute for for Local Self-Reliance
  6. Economic Update by Democracy at Work
  7. Co-op Power Hour by
  8. The Schumacher Lectures by the Schumacher Center
  9. The Next System Podcast by the Next System Project
  10. Next Economy Now by Lift Economy
  11. The Laura Flanders Show
  12. Sol Life Media by Sol Collective
  13. Gund Institute by University of Vermont
  14. Love and Coops by Grassroots Economic Organizing
  15. Local Bites from Local Futures
  16. Coop Power Hour by Colorado Co-ops Study Circle
  17. Tiny Spark from NonProfit Quarterly
  18. Strategy Made Simple
  19. Just Work It by the Atkinson Foundation
  20. Rural Routes by Rural Policy Learning Commons
  21. Each for All by the Cooperative Connection
  22. Common Share by Cooperatives First
  23. Impact Boom
  24. The Sustainability Agenda
  25. The Sustainable Jungle

Thank you to Members of the New Economy Coalition for contributing to this list!

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