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Would you like to write for Communities?

We are now seeking submissions to Communities magazine for issue #182, “Community Land.”

You are cordially invited to send submissions including articles, photographs, poems, graphic artwork, etc.

The issue will be out in March 2019. Please send us your article idea as soon as you can, before writing/submitting a full article. Your final article must reach us by Friday, November 16, 2018.

Theme articles: Community Land

Please share your experiences, stories, and perspectives on any (or any combination) of the following topics:

  • How to connect community-oriented people to land, and land to community-oriented people
  • How individuals and groups can find not only land but also landmates
  • Legal, economic, and social/cultural considerations related to land ownership and/or stewardship, especially in an intentional community context
  • Community structures for holding, protecting, and caring for land
  • Communal approaches to eco-restoration
  • Philosophies and practices of land stewardship
  • The legacy of systemic dispossession and disenfranchisement of land from marginalized and oppressed people, and efforts to address and correct that
  • Public vs. Private use of land in an intentional community, and determining parameters and agreements around each
  • Methods for deciding how to use the community’s shared land
  • Innovations and actions, local and broader-scale, to make it easier for community-minded people and land to come together

Please remember that we are looking for stories, personal experiences, and concrete examples in your responses—these are what will make ideas and observations most “real” and relevant to readers.

We are also seeking articles about:

  • Creating community in your neighborhood;
  • Starting a new community;
  • Process and communication issues in community;
  • Social justice issues in community; and
  • Seeking community to join.

What to include

Suggested submission length is from 300 to 2500 words. We invite submissions ranging from short vignettes to extensively-developed articles, and also invite suggestions of recommended resources and article leads. We’re seeking articles written in a reader-friendly, popular-magazine style, rather than in an academic style.

We ask contributors to share stories and experiences, not just ideas; write about challenges, not just successes; and describe specific situations that will help your story come alive for the reader.

Submit your “Community Land” article idea

If you would like to contribute, please familiarize yourself with our Article and Photo Guidelines, and then send us your article idea via our contact form so that we can give feedback on how it may fit into Communities. You may also contact us or make submissions by calling 541-937-5221 or writing Communities Magazine, 81868 Lost Valley Lane, Dexter, OR 97431.

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Jarek and Parvati Bizberg

We would love to submit some articles on various community-related subjects when we have time to work on them. Summer has been really busy with gardens, building Centre of Light, clay straw venue for visionaries and teachers in future and many visitors & volunteers from round the world. We have been in existence for about 20 years, slowly growing. We have a lot we’d love to share with others interested in community living. It’s really the way of the future:) Thank you for all you do!

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