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More people are tuning in to learn about intentional communities, and discovering FIC as a resource to connect to the movement. 

FIC first launched a Youtube Channel to share a webinar series on cooperation. With the release of the Planet Community series, and additional videos with it, there has been an uptick in interest and interaction!

Here are our all-time Youtube stats:

We’re only just Starting!

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Recent Videos

Black Oaks Community – Center for Sustainable & Renewable Living

In our final episode of Planet Community season 1, we travel to Black Oaks Center for Sustainable & Renewable Living, where Jafunza and Fred Carter are teaching others and themselves how create communities that can make up a world that will work for all people and the planet, together.

What are Intentional Communities?

It’s easiest to think of an intentional community as a place. But at their core, intentional communities are about relationships of sharing. People sharing space, sharing resources, sharing lives.

What are Different Types of Communities?

If you’ve seen one intentional community you’ve seen them all, right? Intentional communities actually come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes only limited by the imagination of the people who start them.

Additional Videos

We also host additional videos on FIC’s Facebook Videos, including live streaming some events, panels, q&a’s, interviews, webinars, and fun interactive events like #GiveitAwayTuesday.

Here is an insightful selection from those videos:

Landing Your Community – How to Find, Fund, and Connect with Your Land Together

Cooperative real estate pioneer Cassandra Ferrera is the guest presenter in this webinar, which addresses practical aspects of finding and funding a property, working in groups with real estate agents, and dealing with zoning. She also shares the spiritual aspects of having a profound relationship with the land, even before you acquire it.

Together Resilient: Building Community and Climate Disruption

What are the underlying causes of climate change, and what can we do about it? Drawing on her book Together Resilient, Mayana Ludwig discusses three intersecting causes of climate change — culture, economy and inequality — and shares viable options, particularly from thriving low-carbon intentional communities.

Leah Penniman on Community Building and Farming While Black

Hear an interview with author, activist, and community builder Leah Penniman of Soul Fire Farm. They  are committed to ending racism and injustice in our food system, and she has authored a new book and resource guide, Farming While Black. Learn about their mission, the demand for their work, capacity and other challenges, and lessons learned on growing movements and empowering people of color. This insightful and passionate discussion is a great prelude to an article in the upcoming issue of Communities Magazine on Community Land.


Documentary and How-To Films

To find more video resources, including full length films, epic community journeys, and how-to walk throughs on community and sustainability, check out the Videos in the Community Bookstore or streaming on Vimeo!

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