Cohousing is… Quotes from Cohousers

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Quotes from Cohousers

Cohousing is…

“… a challenging task, with pitfalls (and perseverance), with laughter and hugs (or nods and drawing into oneself), with food and nurturing (or caution and health concerns), with a good measure of comfort and, especially, community.”
“… after parenting, the single greatest personal growth opportunity.”
“… a collaborative way of living that fosters connectedness, increases social capital for their residents, and creates opportunities for more conscious use of social, natural and man-made resources. A more sustainable way of living.”
“… a meaningful, growthful way to live.”
“… a paradigm-changing life experience.”
“… a village of mutually supportive people, sharing work and fun and care.”
“… a wonderful way to age in community! It is far better than any other option I’ve explored.”
“… both momentous and ordinary.”
“… a way for us to be the best person we can be.”
“… the hope to recreate thriving neighborhoods where people consent to practice enriching one another’s life more than most of today’s neighborhoods.”
“… the best future for many people, they just don’t know it yet.”
“…  a combination of commune and condominium, family and small town, where the quality of living is
satisfying and sustainable.”
“… lots of fun and a great way to live!”
“… the future of living in harmony with others for a sustainable life!”
“… community living today with yesterday’s values.”
“… to create authentic community and avoid isolation in a fractured world.”
“… fun, cooperative, friendly, challenging, supportive, thrifty, sometimes annoying but I love it!”
“… knowing your neighbors and continuing to deal with them even after a conflict.”
“… a journey…an adventure…caring and sharing…challenging…inspiring…THE FUTURE!”


These responses were collected and shared by Karin of Wild Sage Cohousing, originally posted in’s newsletter Cohousing Now, who says …

“Cohousing is my life. Seriously…I live it, I work it, I believe in it!”
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