Arizona Ecovillages in the News

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“If life is about something, it’s about getting along with people.” Don Clark reports from his Arizona ecovillage. “Since last year, the volume of people inquiring has doubled,” “A lot of people are saying they don’t like what’s going on, so they’re looking for alternatives.”
Check out this news article covering intentional communities as alternative lifestyles, including some words from FIC’s Executive Director Sky Blue, and a 2 minute video talking to residents of Wind Spirit and TerraSante, both Arizona ecovillages.
To learn more about these communities, and to find more communities in Arizona, or any other particular state or country, see the list on the Communities Directory:

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FionaRhea Rickford

Hi Jackie,
I just saw this message. When did you send it?
I’m near Portland, OR in the wet, rainy climate with CampOma EcoVillage.
Just checking if that’s what you are looking for.


Good morning! My name is Jackie and I would love to become part of your community. I’m an energetic grandmother with live-in-community experience and a passion for being of service. I’m chef trained, CNA skills, an arts & crafts therapist, former Intel Corp global project manager and founder of an AZ charity that’s now twenty-six years strong, a writer and knitworks designer all rolled into one! I even iron and take out the garbage! Yup-I’m neat, clean and pretty organized BUT I’m not sure what your community needs are but I would welcome a chance to prove to be a valued member and to continue to learn! Yes, in these twilight years of life, I want to keep the lamp on!
I’m glad to send you my “Jackie of All Trades” poster, resume, photo, and a poem! You can Google me or find a couple of my books (one children’s, one adult coloring book) on Amazon. My phone number is 941-626-2564. I’m in the eastern time zone right now.
Please do let me know if I’m a possible good match for your community and if the rental is still available.
Best regards,

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