What does it mean to live like a village?

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What is a Village?

“In the simplest terms, it is the intersection and interconnection of people and place” explains Jamaica Stevens, author, event producer, and community activist. “How do we create a culture shift towards communities of celebration, cooperation, resilience, and respect?”

Jamaica set about sharing some answers to these questions in her culture-shifting ReInhabiting the Village project.

As a former board member and ongoing collaborator with the Foundation for Intentional Community, Jamaica continues to contribute leadership and innovative approaches to gather people consciously around a common cause, to harvest collective intelligence, and to enjoy ourselves along the way.

Here she introduces the ReInhabiting the Village project, to help us live more wisely on this planet:

You can find this gorgeously illustrated book, full of articles and insights, along with an accompanying Workbook full of activities to deepen your understanding, at the Communities Bookstore.


How do we Live like a Village?

On a recent episode of the Conscious Community Podcast, we get to hear more about Jamaica’s ideas on ‘How to Create a more Cooperative Culture.’

Hosted by Janae Jean and Spencer Schulter, their deep and wide-ranging in scope, their conversation gets into the importance of artwork to reflect and change culture, how festivals can actually be enriching for participants and regenerating to environments, how engaging in local government and intergenerational cooperation is necessary, how to broaden the movement to reach more people, and why we must band together to create changes we need in the world.

You can listen to this full podcast here:

Also, here is the Podcast Episode article from Conscious Community Magazine, with links to more episodes and additional podcast providers.

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Im new to holistic living when it comes intellectual communities.
I grew up the inner city as a child. Part rough qnd part not so rough. My parents always gad a vegetable garden. Thats where I learn love eating healthy. But I didnt follow this discipline. While serving in the us army. I traveled and was able to experience variuos cultures. That was thirty years ago. Though I lived a medeocre life. My desire was wanting humanity to do better. I found myself living in terrible areas in atlanta and decatur. I love living in peace and harmony. I love when my inner child wants a certain snack or being in the essence of its innocence.
I love meeting new people but, there are some inner issyes im working on to be more outgoing. I love being an aquarius. I love eastern philosophy and its consciousness.

Im a self taught audio engineer and love creating melodic vibes. I’ve had many dark days. But niw that is changing. I love my creator and my guardian angels. I guess that strange talk especially being raised baptist and groomed pentacostal of melinen complex tion born in america from a caeroon and ghana bloodline. I have universal spirit that loves oneness. Well just thought I’d share. Not many to talk to that on the path to higher consciousness. Still a baby and loving the journey. Wanting to know more but need direction. Namaste.

Kenneth Clark
s.k.a. Saint Lot-a-Luv

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