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Motley Fool Says Cohousing is a Better Way to Live in Retirement

Posted on May 12, 2008 by

The financial investment advice website, The Motley Fool has an article promoting Cohousing as a great option for retirement living. This fits with the recent trend of community on the business pages with recent articles in Forbes. For the most part it is your standard cohousing article with the added twist of stock symbols for any company mentioned.

The idea of settling into a rich, close-knit community in your post-working years appeals to many folks contemplating retirement. Such a community can be hard to find under the best of circumstances. As you age — and as you or your old friends move to warmer climes or to downsized houses in different neighborhoods, grown children disperse, and interests long shared with friends start to diverge — community can be a downright scarce resource.

As I’ve noted in the past, choosing to downsize one’s house runs counter to the way many of us think about our own paths to success in life, but it can make a lot of sense. A smaller house costs less to buy, heat, and maintain — good aspects anytime, but even more so during retirement. And if you can have a smaller house without losing the functionality of a larger home, why not?

Cohousing isn’t for everyone, but if you’re looking for a comfortable, friendly place to retire to, cohousing communities deserve serious consideration.

The author mentions plans to move to a cohousing community and follow-up blog posts indicate that it is Mosaic Commons in Massachusetts.

Read the Motley Fool article on Cohousing

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