Spiritual Atheism

by Don Brickell
Community Seekers

I am seeking to make connections with people and/or form Intentional Community, around spirituality that is untied to metaphysical beliefs. I find Spirituality in nature, and in helping people’s spirits heal from that which has wounded them – passing on what I have learned from my own history, to others who still struggle. Toward that end, I have volunteered / interned at a suicide hotline, an addiction center, and a hospital chaplaincy. I believe that working on one’s own spiritual growth is an obligation to both self and other. I find that this work builds on itself over time, getting easier, moving faster. (For example, I have developed a hybrid form of “introspective meditation”, taken from elements of the Mindfulness- and other traditions. It gives me insights into my “blocks”, and practical tools for overcoming them.)

These days, I am a Unitarian Universalist – the most open and accepting tradition toward other traditions that I know of. I believe that there is much good to be learned from studying religions, and from respecting religious people, (even though I do not always agree with them.)

In community and in spirit,
Don Brickell, MSW, MDiv
Contact: [email protected]