Elfinwood HOA adjacent to Celo Community ~ Lots for sale in Burnsville, North Carolina

by Cory
Real Estate For Sale
Burnsville, North Carolina

The old Elfinwood Lodge is long gone but the peaceful serene atmosphere still remains.

Elfinwood HOA borders the 100-year old Celo intentional community founded on Quaker principles. The local area is rich with artists, cultural creatives, rural progressives, and organic lifestyle.

Note that Elfinwood is not a formal intentional community—rather, it’s a loosely-knit HOA made up of a handful of neighboring families. Current owners are mostly female, though not exclusively.

Two remaining lots are available from the original owners, a multi-generational family with a desire to see the land cared for over generations to come.

You are just minutes from the National Park, hiking, Mt. Mitchell Golf Course, waterfalls and the prestigious South Toe River where you’ll find plenty of fishing, dipping or just relaxing by the water.

Each lot has great views, road access, and nearby underground electric and internet.

Asking prices:
Lot 2 (1.5 acres) – $38,925
Lot 5 (1.8 acres) – $45,525

Contiguous Lot 2 & Lot 5 combined (3.3 acres) – $79, 450

For more info: Please TEXT or CALL Joel Storie (919) 422-8821

See also YouTube video of a sample Elfinwood Lot here 
(Lot 6 is just across the road from Lots 2 & 5)