Likeminded people wanted for an Intentional Community on an Organic Lakefront Farm in the Wilderness of BC, Canada

by Hans Buch
Forming Communities
Ootsa Lake BC Canada

I immigrated many years ago from Germany to Canada. Now I live with some other people and our animals (sheep, chicken, horses, dogs, etc.) almost self sufficient on a big ranch and organic farm on a huge lake with pure drinking water in Central BC, Canada. I was home schooling my 14 year old daughter and 18 year old son for many years until they started attending public school in the city. They are still connected to the farm where they love their projects with our animals and all the other opportunities nature has to offer.

We are inviting like-minded people from all over the world to share our self-sufficient life part time or full time and eventually the formation of a little community.

Our fertile land is almost 3,000 feet/900 meters high and located circa 156 miles/250 km inland from the Pacific Ocean in the south-west. Considerable advantages of this altitude are good weather, clean air, no ticks and being high enough above the ocean.

After the radioactive accident in Fukushima we started using a Geiger Counter on a regular basis. It is still measuring very low average counts per minute of natural radioactivity. We are protected from west winds coming from the Pacific and Japan by the Coast Mountains (up to 13,186 ft/4,019 metres high). They seem to direct any possible pollution like acid rain or radioactivity that might come with the west winds over our heads inland towards the Rockies further east.

Big cities, industries, active vulcanos, fault lines and earthquake zones are far away. Our big gardens, increasingly based on permaculture, as well as the abundance of fish in our lake and hundreds of other small and big surrounding fresh water lakes, wildlife, berries, mushrooms and plants in the surrounding wilderness (Crown Land), provide a reliable, organic food source.

We are well accessible on two different roads, by boat and small aircraft (our registered airstrip Marilla is 2,000 feet or 600 metres long).

A healthy, self sustainable life in harmony with nature is our priority. After 20 years of preparing, working, investing and gathering valuable experiences our safe haven in the womb of Mother Nature is finally in place. What we are increasingly missing are like-minded neighbours. For this reason, we are now inviting like-minded people, old and young, with and without children to share the work and benefits of our life style and help us to form a little community on our 1,200 acres of land.

We believe that we live in an ideal place for such a project. The location is from all points of view, including the risk of wildfires, very safe and the fertile land is gifted with an abundance of excellent water and clean air. Except special rules of our ALR (Agricultural Land Reserve) System and for sewage removal there is no zoning and therefore no requirement for building permits- and inspection on our land. That means we can make dreams come true in regards to alternative buildings including design, materials and alternative energy etc……

Another major undertaking on the ranch that attracts us with our backgrounds in science and business is a Seminar- Retreat- and Research Center for holistic health including body, mind, soul and environment.

We are looking for the right people that can share our critical view of the world unfortunately getting increasingly out of balance as well as our vision for a better life and future. With this I mean fellow men that are also on their “path for more”, who are recognizing the advantages of preparing and living together self sufficiently close to nature during these tough times no matter if they can live here part time or full time. People, who can also tolerate, that we do not go to any church anymore since we found “our church” in nature.

I’m curious to hear what you think about this project and how you can see yourself getting involved. I would also be happy if you pass this information on to other people and organizations that might be interested in our project in any way.

I also published another project, our unique lakefront subdivision project, on the internet. That project is offering opportunities to invest into safe haven lakefront property on a lake with drinking water in our area of British Columbia and become self-sufficient surrounded by like-minded neighbours. If you look at my description ‘Spirit of the Project’ you can recognize how special this project is and that it can satisfy many people’s desire of how to live and invest in these crazy political and economical times:

A little more about my vision of our times and situation you can see here:

I’m very much looking forward to hear back from you!