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Ecovillage Helps Start Ithaca Car Sharing

Posted on May 9, 2008 by

EcoVillage at Ithaca is helping set up a car sharing cooperative for the town of Ithaca, NY. Car Sharing co-ops are designed for people who don’t own cars but have occasional needs for them. Members are often cyclists, walkers, and frequent users of public transit.

After about three years of planning, Ithaca CarShare is set to launch June 1 with six Nissan Versa hatchbacks and a Ford Ranger pickup. The organization expects to add more vehicles in August.

Jennifer Dotson, executive director of Ithaca CarShare, said the average car sharing member spends $100 a month compared to the $600 a month that AAA says the average car owner spends.

Nancy Jacoby, an Ithaca resident, said, “I’m really excited. It’s been rocking my world all week. It’s the missing link to getting rid of my car.”

One of the locations cars will be available is at the Ecovillage. I’m sure a number of Ecovillage members will take advantage of the program.

Read the article on Ithaca CarShare.

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