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FIC 30th Birthday Reminiscences
by Moumita & Carrie

‘Tis the season for celebrations, resolutions, and good intentions. Thanks to all of you who have joined in our 30th birthday reminiscences. We have so enjoyed reading about what intentional community means to our supporters, and how FIC has been a part of your story over the years.

Thanks to All of You!

   FIC 30th Birthday

It’s not too late to express why community matters to you. Post your response (including video or photo) to “how does intentional community make us more resilient?” on our Facebook page, and don’t forget to use the hashtag #togetherresilient in your post to qualify for great prizes at the end of the month!

As winter sets in, we’re planning for the future and have goals of advancing solutions to climate disruption and social and economic disparity through the collective work of intentional communities. You are a big part in the how and why these plans come to fruition. We invite you to channel the spirit of this giving season to the intentional communities movement! A donation  of any size, a Communities Bookstore purchase, or renewing your subscription to Communities magazine will help the FIC finish off its 30th birthday on a high note and help prepare us to take a more active voice in 2018. Catch some of the highlights from our birthday month so far:

What’s in a name?

Communes to Cohousing
What’s in a name? From communes to cohousing. The early relationship between the FIC and the Cohousing Association of the US was rocky, with people in both groups being dismissive and judgemental of the different models each organization was focused on. Fortunately, we’ve moved past that and the two organizations enjoy a close, collaborative relationship…      -by Sky Blue

Commitment to a better world.

Commitment to a better world
Commitment to a better world. In the 1980s, I lived in a housing co-op (Sunflower House) inspired by B. F. Skinner’s novel, Walden Two. I wanted to learn more about Walden Two communities and started to visit them. These visits included East Wind, Twin Oaks, Lake Village and Comunidad Los Horcones in Mexico…   – by Deborah Altus

Sustaining the movement

Sustaining the Movement

Sustaining the movement.  We are now halfway through the month of November. Appropriately, as we move along the lifespan of FIC, at exactly 15 years in (and 15 years ago this year), an online bookstore was born! In 2002, at a time when technology and resources online were still fairly limited, FIC leapt into the world of books as a means to offer accessibility of information to our network…

– by Kim Kanney

Structures & Cultures of Cooperation

Structures & Cultures

Structures and Cultures of Cooperation. I’ve been a group process consultant for the better part of 20 years, with an emphasis on supporting intentional communities. While my primary skills come from lived experience, I am grateful for opportunities to further develop my knowledge through books and trainings. Last year i was introduced to a book that’s affected me more than any other i’ve encountered in my field…

– by Tree Bressen

Teaching Feminism by Example

Teaching Feminism

Teaching Feminism by Example. By default, intentional community in North America seems to be a haven for middle-class white folk interspersed with a small spattering of individuals of various other ethnic groups. The community where I live follows that same norm for the most part. It is an interesting mix, though, because we also serve as a tourist stop for quite a few visitors and interns from all over the world…

– by SKy Blue

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