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30 Blog Posts, 30 Days, Celebrating 30 Years

FIC Board at LVEC

For the month of November we’ll give you a new blog post every day touching on where we’ve been over the last 30 years, and we’re we’re heading. You’ll hear from people who’ve been involved with the FIC since the beginning, and as well as people new to the scene. Keeping checking back for new additions!

Movement at a Crossroads – Day 1
Sky Blue, Executive Director

The Origins of the FIC – Day 2
Harvey Baker, Board

Your Tour Powered by the FIC – Day 3
Alyson Ewald, former Board

Who doesn’t want more community? – Day 4
Laird Schaub, former Executive Director

What’s in a name? From communes to cohousing – Day 5
Karin Hoskin, Executive Director, Cohousing Association of the US

30 years of something even better than volleyball – Day 6
Chris Roth, Editor, Communities magazine

Intentional Community as a career path? It’s possible! – Day 7
Diana Leafe Christian, author, Sociocracy trainer, consultant and former Editor, Communities magazine

FIC’s First Communities Directory – Day 8
Laird Schaub, former Executive Director

We remember when we fought the FIC to create a website for them – Day 9
Elph, Jillian, and Michael, creators of

Why I Study Intentional Communities – Day 10
Zach Rubin, researcher, PHD candidate

Structures and Culture of Cooperation – Day 11
Tree Bressen, former Board, professional group process consultant

Commitment to a Better World – Day 12
Deborah Altus, Ma’ikwe Ludwig

What is an Intentional Community? – Day 13
Dan Questenberry

The Shared Life – Day 14
Susan Patrice

Teaching Feminism by Example – Day 15
Kim Scheidt, FIC accountant 

Providing Resources that Sustain the Organization – Day 16
Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Visions of Utopia – Day 17
Laird Schaub, former Executive Director

The Directory Goes Online – Day 18
Tony Sirna, former Board and webmaster

My Pathway to the FIC – Day 19
Kim Scheidt, FIC Accountant

Exploring Full Potentiality – Day 20
Nébesna Fortin, La Cité Ecologique, NextGEN North America

A Long Strange Trip – Day 21
Marty Klaif, FIC Board 

Bridging social and cultural divides one community at a time – Day 22
Alan O’Hashi, Board of Cohousing Association of the US

Conservation Land Trusts and Intentional Communities – Day 23
Carrie Rasmussen, FIC Development Director

The Peripatetic Communitiarian – Day 24
Laird Schaub, former FIC Executive Director