30 Years of Service to the Intentional Communities Movement

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Happy 30th Birthday!!!
Foundation for Intentional Community

30 Years of Service to the Intentional Communities Movement

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For 30 years the FIC has provided networking and support to co-ops, land trusts, Cohousing, ecovillages, communes, and collective living of all kinds. We’ve helped people find communities, helped communities find people, and helped people who want to start communities find each other. We’ve also been a face and point of interaction for media, researchers, and allied movements.

Find out more and help us celebrate.

30 Blog Posts, 30 Days, Covering 30 Years

Stories of Solutions

Starting November 1st we’ll be posting a blog post every day touching on where we’ve been over the last 30 years, and where we’re heading. Links to the posts are here.

Social Media Raffle – #togetherresilient

Together Resilient

How does community make us more resilient? 

Go to our Facebook page, Like it, make a post using text and images responding to this question, and add the hashtag:


At the end of November, three entries will be randomly selected to receive a copy of :

  • Communities Directory, 7th edition
  • Communities magazine #177 – Urban Communities.
  • Together Resilient: Building community in the age of climate disruption

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Please join the FIC, renew your FIC membership, or make an additional tax-deductible gift to the FIC today! Your support furthers the intentional communities movement and makes community accessible to all those who seek it.

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