What does it take to cooperate?

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People circling joining handsWhat does it take to cooperate?

Dear Friends,

We all know that cooperation is the only way forward to actually address the monumental challenges facing humanity.

But this isn’t easy. Cooperation is not the standard we were raised with. It takes both learning and unlearning.

Which is why we are grateful for you: intentional communities are key incubators for cooperation―in cooperative decision-making and economics, experiments in social sustainability, and a host of other ways.

FIC is uniquely positioned to watch as all of you in the movement learn, practice and accelerate the cooperative culture transition. We believe this transition has powerful implications for the world at large. We are committed to playing a role in its development and promotion.

And right now, we need your help.

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The FIC is uniquely positioned to accelerate the development of intentional communities, amplify the impact they have on society, and help the intentional communities movement find its place among other movements working towards cooperation, sustainability, and social justice.

We know you have lots causes you donate to, and we want you donating to them! Intentional communities are one piece of the puzzle and I’m excited to see so many people in so many movements bringing the pieces together.
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Your donation helps develop the Communities Directory into a comprehensive, multi-functional platform for people looking for community, and communities looking for people, as well as a resource for media and researchers.

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  • Your donation helps groups working towards cooperation, sustainability, and social justice have a greater impact all over the world.

What do you want for the world? What part do you have to play? Let’s do it together.

Thank you for reading and for your support!

In community,
Sky Blue
FIC Executive Director

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