Here’s How You Can Participate in Global Sharing Week June 5-11

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- and The People Who Share are collaborating on this year’s Global Sharing Week, which will take place from June 5-11, 2016. Originally launched as Global Sharing Day, the event has grown to the point where over 100 activities take place each year.

This year’s listings include dozens of potlucks, neighborhood festivals, and other gatherings, as well as the week-long Village Building Convergence in Portland, OR. Events are planned in Europe, the U.S., Australia, and Japan. According to Shareable:

“You can see if there’s already an event planned near you, or host your own event — it can be as simple as pulling together a potluck or a clothes swap at your office. We encourage Shareable readers to try their hand at an event that’s a bit more advanced, such as hosting a skill share, running a MapJam, or organizing a community share fest.”

Need help coming up with an idea or planning an activity? Shareable has put together a collection of 14 guides to hosting community share events. They include:

MapJam: Mapjams are a way to map out the shared resources in your city. After brainstorming all of the co-ops, co-working spaces, community gardens, and other shared resources in your area, you can pin them to an online mapping platform like GoogleMaps so anyone can access them.

Repair Cafe: Repair Cafes are pop-up shops where neighbors come together to fix broken appliances and other household items. Rather than throw something out as soon as it stops working, Repair Cafes allow us to put our tinkering skills to use and breathe new life into old things.

Seedswap: Seedswaps push back against the commercialization of agriculture by ensuring that everyone in your community has access to seeds. They allow local farmers and gardeners to protect their favorite varieties, while passing on their knowledge to other people in their neighborhood.


Ready to participate in Global Sharing Week? To find an event, or list one of your own, take a look at the map and event listings at Use the Twitter hashtag #GlobalSharingWeek to post photos or updates from your event!


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