Energy Conservation Techniques Make Green Home Building Affordable at Abundance Ecovillage

Posted on February 19, 2008 by

Abundance Ecovillage Solar PanelsAbundance Ecovillage in Fairfield, IA made the local news with a wonderful piece on their growing ecologically focused community. The piece focused primarily on the ecological aspects: solar and wind power, energy conservation, rain water catchment, waste water treatment, food production, etc.

Co-founder Lonnie Gamble started the project after several people approached him about how to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, “Their beer is cold, their showers are hot, but we do it with one-tenth of the energy a conventional home would use.”

The Ecovillage has room for 50 to 70 people to make their home for about the same cost as building a new home in Fairfield. But here there are no electric, water, or even sewage bills to worry about. Gamble asks, “If we can build homes like that for about conventional cost, why do we build anything else?”

See the Video on Channel 13’s site: click the link in the upper left for the video.

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