Cohousing Not Just for Boomers

Posted on February 18, 2008 by

The big media splash in cohousing these days is about Senior or Elder Cohousing, and some might say cohousing’s core constituency is among the boomer generation. But recent posts on Trendcentral and Treehugger are noting that cohousing also has appeal for Gen X and Gen Y.

A lifestyle trend that first started back in 1960s Denmark, co-housing may be making a comeback among progressive Gen Xers and Ys….While co-housing used to be a fringe movement, it is now resonating with Xers and Ys who are starting families, searching for community and looking to pool resources.

While I don’t understand how cohousing’s continually fast and steady growth can be described as a “comeback”, its not surprising that Gen Xand Gen Y want in on the action. It seems the appeal of cohousing cuts across generations and its only a matter of when people get into the home buying market that they will start taking a look at cohousing.

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Trendcentral article on Cohousing for Gen X and Gen Y.

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