Bursting into Summer | All the updates from FIC, in case you missed any of it!

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Into summer full speed ahead!

Dear friends,

Phew! It was a busy spring for us here at FIC. So many big changes, exciting announcements, and powerful work. Let’s recap together…


Two weeks ago we announced our name change to the Foundation for Intentional Community. We completely transformed ic.org to create easier access to community listings and resources. All of our communications – both print and digital – got a facelift with brighter colors and bolder messages. You can learn about the new changes by reading our Brand Story


This past week we launched Giving Hands, FIC’s first monthly donor program. Already we have seen an amazing show of support. Big thank you to all who have signed up! And if you’d like to join, now is the time. Head to ic.org/donate and donate as little as $5/month. That is the minimum monthly amount to qualify FIC for a $6,000 grant from the Fund for Democratic Communities! Learn more here.


Lastly, our Communities Magazine has released the latest issue for download by donation. Over a dozen authors living in community share deeply personal accounts on provocative and timely topic – SEXUAL POLITICS. Below this letter is a sampling of articles from the issue. 

We are heading into summer with big momentum behind us. More than ever our team is committed to spreading the hope that intentional communities offer in our troubled times. Intentional communities show the way to a more sustainable and just world. 

Thank you for showing up in your own communities and continuing to support FIC as we build for the future. 

Enjoy the summer,

Cynthia Tina

FIC Communications Director

Stories from the new Sexual Politics issue of Communities Magazine. 

Download full issue by donation!

Sexual misconduct in the sphere of power: The nexus of gender, intimacy, and discrimination

An unwanted, rebuffed sexual advance from a previously trusted community leader spirals into numerous, serious consequences in the victim’s personal and professional life.

Read more

Effective Community Justice

“It wasn’t the first time someone I knew had raped me, but it was the only time I had an adequate response from my friends and community.” A rape survivor living in community recounts her story.

Read more

Community Accountability: The Struggles, Challenges, and Hope for Community Action on Sexual Assault

When we think of sexual assault and boundary violations, it is common to think not in my community, or the person I know wouldn’t do that. As a result, our communities become especially vulnerable to predatory behavior.

Read more

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