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Communities Magazine #183 (Summer 2019) – Sexual Politics

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Sexual Politics

Directly inspired by the #MeToo movement, this summer’s Communities #183 focuses on Sexual Politics.

Intentional communities are not immune to any of the challenges or problems that afflict the wider culture. How can communities respond when confronting the sometimes harsh realities of human behavior and relationships, especially in the realms of power, sexuality, and gender?

Authors share their stories about sexual assault and harassment; power dynamics related to gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, and sexual expression; attitudes toward polyamory; understanding of consent culture; creating fulfilling relationships by combating climate change; getting pronouns right; and a host of other topics. Please join us!

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Articles in “Sexual Politics”

  • FIC News: Introducing the New FIC by Cynthia Tina
  • Notes from the Editor: Introducing this Issue by Chris Roth
  • Publisher’s Note: Cooperative Groups, the FIC, and Sexual Politics: Sharing, Learning, Healing, Persisting by Sky Blue
  • Community Accountability: The Struggles, Challenges, and Hope for Community Action on Sexual Assault by Amanda Rain
  • Effective Community Justice by Anonymous
  • Sexual Misconduct in the Sphere of Power: The Nexus of Gender, Intimacy, and Discrimination by LK
  • A Tangled Web: Sex at Zendik Farm by Helen Zuman
  • Sex Positivity in the New Culture Movement by Crystal Farmer
  • The Triangle of Consent by Crystal Farmer
  • Consent in the New Culture Community by Sarah Taub, Indigo Dawn, and Michael Rios
  • The Sting of Discrimination: When Polyamory Is Considered a “Red Flag” by Sylvan Bonin
  • I Survived a Dysfunctional Polyamorous Relationship and Learned Some Lessons about Love by Clara Fang
  • Pros and Cons of Polyamory by Art
  • Relationships in a Community-Forming Group by Rachel Lyons
  • Polyamory at Earthaven by Arjuna da Silva
  • A Project to “Save Love” by Sabine Lichtenfels
  • The Pronoun Dilemma by Murphy Robinson
  • TERF Battles: Women Standing Their Ground by Anonymous
  • On Community: Hold Off on Romance When New to Community! by Diana Leafe Christian
  • How to Stop Climate Change and Never Be Lonely Again by Alexis Zeigler
  • Review: We the People by Diana Leafe Christian
  • Creating Cooperative Culture: Free Store Magic by Rachel Lyons

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