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After 30 years of service to an ever-growing communities movement, it was time for a change.

We’re excited to share with you about our new brand and why we made the update.

You asked and we listened.

Thanks to the input of over 100 FIC supporters who responded to a recent branding survey, we have reimagined our name, logo, typeface, colors, and imagery. We’ve also redesigned our website with the new identity and improved our online services.

Underneath it all, we are still the same mission-driven organization. Our commitment is to  support and promote the development of intentional communities, as a pathway towards a more sustainable, cooperative, and just world.

New name.

We’ve evolved from the Fellowship for Intentional Community to the Foundation for Intentional Community. Still the same “FIC” shorthand.

We loved the kindred-spirit sentiment of “Fellowship,” but we didn’t care for the old-school and overly masculine connotations. The title “Foundation” speaks to our commitment and professionalism. It also shares what we aim to provide for this movement, a foundation of wisdom, inspiration, and resources for thriving communities.

We believe that intentional communities play a critical role in the transformation of society. 100,000 people in the US are estimated to live in communities designed for social enrichment, environmental responsibility, and economic equity. We are serious about serving these communities and spreading their solutions.

New logo and style.

We have created a new logo to reflect who we are today and to symbolize our diverse, expanding movement.

We have designed our new brand to shine with the spirit of community. Warm hues and diverse colors convey a sense of creativity and inclusivity. The brand enhances our wellspring of both inspiration and practical information to support people on the path to community. Spaciousness throughout our materials conveys calm and care. Thick lines and bold statements tell the world we are a force for change.

Please contact with any questions about presenting our new brand in your materials.

New website.

We can tell you all about it, or you can check it out for yourself!

Head to to see our new brand in action.

How we got here.

A quiet transformation has taken place within FIC during recent years.

We have a rich history. At every in-person Board and Staff meeting, we pull out “the bag of beads.” Each uniquely colored and textured bead symbolizes an important moment in the 30-year history of our organization.  An especially beautiful bead was added to the thread during our recent Fall Meeting at Twin Oaks Community in Virginia.

That’s where we approved our new logo. We took time to completely reimagine our self-identity―our visual presence, our stance on important issues, and how our services can better meet the needs of users.  Thank you to all the FIC Members, Subscribers, Donors, Staff, and Board (past and present) who completed our branding  survey for your valuable feedback. We felt your voice in the room as we approved new brand elements while meeting at Twin Oaks.

During and since the Fall Meeting, we have continued to level up our vision. We are taking a stronger stand on issues like social justice and climate change.  We are asking ourselves difficult questions about what is needed at this moment in humanity and our planet’s history. While we may not have all the world’s problems sorted just yet, we know that more community is definitely part of the answer!

We hope to build on the rich contributions of our past, and to become an even more relevant, resilient, and revolutionary organization in years ahead.

Join us as we support community solutions and amplify their inspiring stories.

You can help in these ways:

1. Contribute quality photos, video, and short stories so we can share them at and on our Facebook Page.

2. Pass along media and partnership opportunities to

3. Make a donation of any amount so we can continue to improve our services and support a thriving communities movement.

In service to a better world,

Cynthia Tina, FIC Communications Director

About Cynthia

Community is my home. I have lived in several community projects around the world and visited many over the past decade. My mission is to grow networks towards a more regenerative world. I travel to visit sustainability initiatives, speak at events, facilitate groups, and improve the communications of mission-driven projects.

I serve FIC as Board Member (since 2015) and more recently as Communications Director.  I’m also a Board Member of the Global Ecovillage Network. You can learn more about me and my online service helping people find community on my website:

You can get in touch with me directly at or by sending a message on our Facebook Page.

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I love what you all have done with the new website. Beautiful job! I will be launching a radio station in the fall called I am beside myself with excitement and joy.
Your organization is an inspiration to me and I am looking forward to an amazing relationship with fic. org and all the community members.
I hope to highlight communities around the country with onsite podcasts and interviews with people and organizations that promote community.
It is my hope that this radio station will be a touchstone for a dramatic change in the direction this beautiful country of ours is going.
Please know that I love you and everything you are doing.
Blessings and Bliss to all.
William J. Smith

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