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New to intentional community? You’ve come to the right place.

Thousands of communities are modeling solutions for social connection, environmental responsibility, and economic equality. We support the development of intentional communities as pathways towards a more sustainable and just world. This is where you can find the resources you need to start your community journey – books, articles, videos, and more.

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Intentional communities offer ways we can work together to meet our basic needs that are more socially satisfying, financially affordable, and ecologically sustainable.

It’s easiest to think of an intentional community as a place. But at their core, intentional communities are about relationships of sharing – people sharing space, sharing resources, sharing lives. They usually have some kind of organizational structure and a set of shared values. Some of the most popular models include cohousing, housing co-ops, and ecovillages. They can be rural or urban, a handful of people or hundreds, secular or spiritual.

FIC supports 1000+ intentional communities worldwide in our Communities Map. Click below to learn more about us and support our work!


Why are you interested in intentional community?

Seeking a community to visit or join?

That’s great! Our map has 1000+ communities from around the world and the advanced search helps you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Starting a community?

Congratulations for undertaking the big adventure! These are the essential books and guides to help you get started. For even more help, contact us about our consulting services.

Already part of an intentional community?

Welcome to the family. Be sure to list your project on the Communities Map. You can also place an ad in our Community Offers and join as a Member of FIC.

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Let’s collaborate! Contact us to explore ways we can work together – marketing exchange, event sponsorship, and advertising.

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We’d love to share our expertise gained over 30+ years in the communities movement. Be in touch with your questions and ideas.

Looking to share your story?

We are happy to collaborate with reporters and writers. Learn how to submit an article to Communities Magazine. Shorter articles and video can be submitted to our blog.

Intentional communities create better lives.

Thousands of communities model solutions for social connection, environmental responsibility, and economic equity. We support the development of intentional communities as pathways towards a more sustainable and just world. Help spread community solutions!



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Explore stories about sexual politics in intentional community - by donation download!
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