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Author: Kelly Barth

Freelance writer Kelly Barth and her partner and fellow Kawsmonaut, landscape painter Lisa Grossman, and their two cats live happily on little money in a very small house in Lawrence, Kansas. The two have been a part of the Kawsmos community since 2005—just in time for a year of studying the sun and the resultant “Lighten Up” energy-reduction project. All residents of Douglas County, Kansas, the Kawsmonauts meet monthly in each other’s homes for potlucks and interdisciplinary study and celebration of various aspects of their home bioregion, planet, galaxy, and universe.

Articles by Kelly Barth include:

  • Lighten Up (Issue # 143)

Lighten Up

Posted on June 7, 2009 by

Organized around common ecological values and a shared appreciation for the epic of evolution, a group of neighbors reduces its collective energy consumption by 25 percent.

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