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COVID-19 have you feeling isolated?

Here's some ideas for how to thrive through an uncertain time.

Social distancing has presented a curve ball for us agents of connection and cooperation. Right now we need to maintain our distance from each other in order to keep everyone healthy and safe. But community is essential for our health and wellbeing! We are not meant to spend weeks holed up binge-watching on Netflix. So what are some strategies for keeping community strong even while stuck at home?

Organize an Online Book Club

Take your reading to the next level by inviting your friends to join in the journey. (Also a playful way to stay in touch!)

Set chapter goals and organize discussions through group video calls, email threads, or group chat rooms. Check out these titles for solutions-based books during these unprecedented times...
book & laptop

Watch Community Documentaries

Within Reach
Catch up on our list of documentaries that explore intentional communities, strategies for resilience, human cooperation and much more.
Host an online viewing party or watch with the people you share home with. Topics include aging in community, passive solar building, living in cohousing, overcoming adversity, and more!

Join the upcoming Community Connect Call

We are hosting a free video Zoom call for all of us to gather and discuss the central questions around how our communities can respond with compassion, strength, and responsibility in the face of the coronavirus pandemic.

Saturday, March 28
12-2pm Pacific / 3-5pm Eastern

Over 200 participants already registered!
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Watch the Planet Community Series

Planet community planet image
This multi-episode free video series features several midwestern communities that are "living better by living together."

Learn directly from community members about their experiences. Feel a part of the greater communities movement and get inspired by these projects.

Off-screen Ideas for Deeper Connection

Social distancing doesn't mean we need to become glued to our computers. Here's some ideas for how to get away from the screen, slow down and take advantage of this unexpected solo time...

Try writing a hand written letter to someone you care about, take a longer than usual walk in nature, give yourself a hug or self-massage or calming soak in the tub, complete a complex puzzle, cook a delicious meal with old pantry items, play games with those you are isolated with... get creative!
Copy of 5 ways to stay connected
Are you doing something interesting related to intentional community? Write to us at [email protected] to explore how we can promote your work.

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