FIC Needs You To Survive and Thrive

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Image of Kim Kanney, FIC Co-Director
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by Kim Kanney & Daniel Greenberg — FIC Co-directors

We humbly ask for your immediate support to ensure the FIC will survive in 2023 and thrive in 2024 and beyond.

Every year, close to half a million people visit seeking insights and community through FIC’s directory, bookstore, and our online programs, forums, and resources. That’s truly amazing and makes us – and hopefully you – very happy!

What’s more, we’re proud to earn the bulk of our annual budget through unique and valuable resources like our bookstore, membership program, podcast, and particularly our online events and courses, which accounted for over half of our income when everyone was stuck at home during the pandemic.

And… we’re still a nonprofit and we need your support.

With the decline of course registrations in the post-Covid economy, we now need to raise $45k to continue operating and ensure that our directory — which alone costs over $35k/year to maintain — remains free and available to everyone who envisions a more just, resilient, and cooperative world.

The good news is that, with an influx of staff experience with ecovillages and global communities, we are now poised to take a quantum leap in our engagement with individuals, communities, and the world. Imagine a North American Communities Council meeting at regional and international gatherings. Imagine expanded networks and groups and more resources, courses, and events to bring a greater sense of belonging to millions.

It’s all possible! But to get from here to there, we need your financial help TODAY to support our small, yet dedicated team that works tirelessly behind the scenes to make it all happen.

The threat of closing our virtual doors after 36 years is real.

Your monetary contribution will return to you in the form of deeper connection to other communitarians, access to the knowledge of experts in the movement, and programs that teach others why community and collaboration can heal our planet.

Please help us help you and others to build the future we want and donate today. Please see the full list of ways you can help below.

How You Can Help

Support FIC


FIC Needs You To Survive and Thrive.

Donate right now at any amount you are able to give. Consider making a monthly recurring donation that fits your budget and supports us every month.

For larger gifts, send checks to FIC, 1 Dancing Rabbit Lane, Unit 23, Rutledge, MO 63563 or contact

Sponsor our software

Cover the annual fee of one of our software expenses and ensure the program’s lights stay on. Email for information about supporting our software.

Listen & Donate to the Podcast

Inside Community podcast takes an inside look at the beautiful and messy realities of creating and sustaining an intentional community.

Your donation will directly support the production of the Inside Community Podcast, a co-production of host Rebecca Mesritz and the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC).

Share this message

Share this blog post with a friend. The wider our reach, the sooner we can meet our goal. If you  know someone who would be interested in supporting our efforts, please encourage them to donate and reach out to our team.

Thank you in advance for your support.

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