Grow your kids & food at Stowe Farm!

by NancyRT
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Colrain is in the beautiful hills of western Mass

About Stowe Farm Community

Stowe Farm Community is an intentional, collaborative neighborhood in rural western Massachusetts located on a 90 acre old family farm of the same name. Community members actively participate in the operation of our community, sharing tools, work and connections with each other. We aspire to our New England traditional roots of sharing, cooperation and collaboration, not all of us are farmers or gardeners yet everyone finds ways to participate, finding fulfillment in the lifestyle, the beauty of our land, and each other.

One of the best things about our community is the experience we give each other and the children growing up here. There are many opportunities for mentoring and for teaching and learning together about the land, our place on the earth, and working towards a vibrant future.

Opportunities for new neighbors

Stowe Farm Community operates as a co-housing eco-village community with 9 households now and 11 when complete. If you are interested in joining Stowe Farm, you may purchase a lot and build a house using an existing design or your own approved design. Contact us with your number, and we will call you to start the conversation about your dream!

Last 2 Lots for Sale

Lots here are just under one-acre. This is less acreage than is normal for rural zoning which allows us to live together in a more compact village setting. The lots are located on a south facing slope, all with spectacular views down the valley. We have preserved over 80 acres in conservation which are owned in common by all members of the community. Our land includes beautiful wooded hills and fields with rivers and streams, and arable land. Pictures do not do justice to our location. It is truly beautiful!