Technology as a bridge between people and places

Posted on December 11, 2023 by

Rodrigo Braga

IT Director

Technology as a bridge between people and places

I have a strong connection with water—especially the oceans—which led me to connect with sustainability and permaculture in my early twenties at the very beginning of my career as an IT professional. As you can probably imagine, the routine of an IT professional is not too connected to the outdoors, and… my laptop is not as big of a fan of water as I am.

Then why continue investing in such an area?

When looking to modern society, we can clearly identify the huge impact that technology has in our lives: the way we communicate, work, travel, learn. Everything has changed together with technology, and today many of us find ourselves gazing at a screen a big portion of our day. I won’t go further in detail on the questionable effects of modern tech, but rather focus on one great aspect of it: our ability to connect and create networks.

Collective intelligence is at the very core of the intentional communities essence.

For next year, we want to bring this community of communities closer and continue to enhance our tools and services with new developments and partnerships. Head over to the Forum to discuss how our platform (& technology in general) can support the communities movement.

Did you know the directory pages are the most accessed pages on our website?

I find it amazing because that means a lot of people are engaging in researching about communities. Being able to work on a product that has strong potential to completely change one’s life by being a bridge between places and people who will connect, and co-create amazing realities together; this is what excites and motivates me to do my work.

Hopefully the ultimate result of that is less screen gazing and more eye-to-eye gazing.

So, if you share my dream for a future full of living laboratories of healthier and more sustainable society models interconnected and collaborating with each other, please consider donating to the Co-create our Future campaign and support us working the tools that are important to make it happen.

In co-creation,

Rodrigo Braga

IT Director

Join the conversation in the Forum:

How do you imagine our platform (& technology in general) supporting the communities movement? 

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