What is lacking in the modern society model?

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by Celastrina

My name is Celastrina and I’m a 29 year old dreamer and artist from Sweden.

Nine years ago, my life took an extraordinary turn when I made the choice to move to Damanhur, an intentional community in the foothills of the Italian alps.

I’m convinced that the future of human societies are to embrace shared experiences because they truly allow for deep individual self-discovery and a sense of belonging that we so lack in our current society. 

As a result, I find myself a witness to how the societal framework–touted as a blueprint for human prosperity–is fundamentally unsustainable. The ceaseless consumption, the disregard for the environment, and the rampant inequality all point to a system that cannot endure.

As I peer through it all, it is clear that I/we need an alternative. A more holistic and harmonious way of living. One that considers not only our material needs but also our social connections and the deeper yearnings of our souls.

How has my life changed since then?

Now, my life is a mosaic that echoes of laughter in shared spaces and rich community gardens. Each moment a lesson in unity, sustainability, and the beauty of collective dreams.

The gentle wisdom of our elders, the vibrant energy of our diverse community members, and the daily rituals that weave us together–they all play their part in shaping the person I am becoming. I’m honored now to be able to share this experience with a wider audience on my social channels—an audience that is seeking the same thing that I so longed for many years ago. Do you think community is what is lacking in the modern society model?

We who are awakening and moving in the direction of harmony and togetherness are shaping the unfolding future.

In Co-Creation,


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