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30 blog posts for 30 years – How does community make us more resilient?

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Main Title

30 blog posts for 30 years
How does community make us more resilient?
by Sky Blue, FIC Executive Director

Where We’ve Been & Where We’re Going

  FIC 30 years 30 posts

30 Blog Posts – The First Five Days

Day 1: Movement at a Crossroads – Sky Blue, Executive Director
Day 2: The Origins of the FIC – Harvey Baker, Board
Day 3: Your Tour Powered by the FIC – Alyson Ewald, former Board
Day 4: Who doesn’t want more community?
– Laird Schaub, former Executive Director
Day 5: What’s in a name? From communes to cohousing – Karin Hoskin, Executive Director, Cohousing Association of the US

Social Media Raffle

   FIC 30 years Social Media raffle

30 Years of Service to the Intentional Communities Movement

FIC 30 years collage
For 30 years the FIC has provided networking and support to co-ops, land trusts, Cohousing, ecovillages, communes, and collective living of all kinds. We’ve helped people find communities, helped communities find people, and helped people who want to start communities find each other. We’ve also been a face and point of interaction for media, researchers, and allied movements.

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