The FIC loves events!

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The FIC Loves Events
by Kim Kanney

It’s always a pleasure to network and share experiences with people both within the communities movement, and at events of related movements. In 2016 we will have a presence on both coasts and many places in between. Explore the list below to see where we will be near you!

Did you know we have an events page where you can post your event? For more information, and to add your event to the list, visit our Events page.

Common BoundCommonBound, by the New Economy Coalition
July 8-10 Buffalo, NY

“CommonBound will bring together hundreds of leaders and organizations from across North America for an international conference on visionary strategies for achieving deep systemic change. Participants will share insights and stories, build relationships, highlight achievements, and chart a shared path toward a society that puts people and planet first.”

Worker Cooperative ConferenceWorker Cooperative National Conference
July 29-31 Austin, TX

“As worker ownership breaks into the public consciousness on an unprecedented scale, we will gather in popular education and brainstorm sessions, keynotes, and much more to share best practices, identify (and shape) emerging trends, form relationships with allied organizations, businesses, and economic developers, and have a blast building a liberating economy!”

Twin Oaks Communities ConferenceTwin Oaks Communities Conference
Sept 2-5 Twin Oaks Community, Louisa, VA

A weekend, outdoor conference for those living “according to the values of cooperation, sustainability, and equality this conference is for you. You’ll get something out of this event whether you’re brand new to communities and cooperatives, or have been living and working in them for decades. The conference focuses on Intentional Communities and the larger cooperative movement.”

North American Permaculture ConferenceNorth American Permaculture Convergence
Sept 14-18 Hopland, CA

The first permaculture convergence in North America, this unique gathering “offers a special opportunity to meet up to 1,000 permaculture movers and shakers from across North America to share our successes and strategize how to create a permaculture future.”

West Coast Communities Conference
Sept 30-Oct 2 Groundswell Institute, Yorkville, CA

“Inspired by the Twin Oaks Communities Conference…this event promises to be a brilliant convergence of those who see the vital role community has to play in the trying times we live in. Worker cooperatives, rural communes, artist collectives, and any other kind of communal enterprise is invited to participate. A blend of workshops and interactive social activities, we will go deep into the topics that matter most to our communities while also making time for joyous connections.”

Community SolutionsArthur Morgan Institute for Community Solutions
Oct 21-23 Yellow Springs, OH

A community of educators, authors, filmmakers, and activists exploring Community Solutions to Peak Energy and Climate Change, this year’s conference focuses on the theme of, “Charting a New Course,” Topics will span community activism, economics, ecopsychology, permaculture and more.

NASCONorth American Students of Cooperation Institute
Nov 11-13 Ann Arbor, MI

NASCO Institute is a place “to share ideas, learn new skills, and look at issues affecting the cooperative movement worldwide. Since 1977, NASCO’s Cooperative Education & Training Institute has been widely recognized as one of the most important training and networking opportunities available to members, directors, staff and managers of group-equity cooperatives.”

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FionaRhea Rickford

CampOma EcoVillage is hosting a cobbing event in the foothills of Mt. Hood July 1 – 15th. Cost is $150 per week to cover your food.
Come join us for a week or two of fun while we sling mud and solve the world’s problems over campfire.
Contact FionaRhea at [email protected] of by phone 5o3-757-5oo6.

FionaRhea Rickford

Near Portland, Oregon.

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