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Support the Global Ecovillage Network Summit

Posted on May 12, 2015 by

Support the Global Ecovillage Network Summit

From July 6-10th, hundreds of activists will gather at the Findhorn Ecovillage in Scotland for the GEN+20 Summit. They will celebrate 20 years of uniting people around ecological solutions, and plan the next steps to spreading sustainability around the globe in these important times.

Support the Global Ecovillage Network Summit

“Since it’s founding in 1995, the Global Ecovillage Network has worked with thousands of communities all around the world, supporting local groups and organizations to implement sustainable designs in their communities. We envision a world of empowered citizens and communities, designing and implementing their own pathways to a sustainable future, and building bridges of hope and international solidarity.”

Check out the video below. You can also read more and Support the Global Ecovillage Network Summit here!

Support the GEN+20 Summit! from GEN Social Media User on Vimeo.

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