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Ron Paul Supporters to Form Libertarian Community

Posted on April 24, 2008 by

Some of the followers of presidential candidate Ron Paul are planning to start a libertarian community in West Texas according to the Lone Star Times.

This month has seen the first meeting of the shareholders in a fledgling community development planned in rural Texas, to be comprised exclusively of Paul’s supporters. It is to be called Paulville.

The gated settlement will house freedom-loving folk, living unbound by the shackles of planning regulations. Its founders hope that when complete, it will inspire further Paulvilles around America and, in their own words, “literally change the world, one community at a time”.

Necessity dictates that the community will function on a cooperative basis, albeit with the ability for households to opt out. The idea is that the option not to access communal utilities, such as electricity, will ensure that its founding individualist principles remain unsullied.

We wish them luck and hope they continue to get positive press for their endeavors.

Read the Lone Star Times article on Paulville

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