Reaffirming Our Values into the New Year

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Widening the Scope of Community

FIC logo hands in a circleWe at the Foundation for Intentional Community (FIC) are extremely grateful to have you as a part of our shared network of communities. During these final days of the year, we reflect on a few initiatives developed in 2018 to bring the communities movement to a wider audience.

We encourage you to offer a year-end donation today to help FIC advance these initiatives and strengthen services into 2019.

Gift Economy Magazine

In the Spring, Communities magazine was shared with the world within a new gift economy model. Issue #178 on “Class, Race, and Privilege” reaffirmed FIC’s organizational value of social justice.

Download the latest four issues of Communities magazine (#178 to #181) for free or by donation. To access free downloads for all prior digital magazine issues (#1 to #177), join or renew as a FIC Member.

Exploring Cooperation in Action

Planet CommunityThis Summer the Planet Community web film project was launched, and Season I was funded to showcase communities in the Midwestern US that are sustainable, cooperative and socially just. The first three film episodes can be viewed here.

The fourth featuring the Black Oaks Center for Sustainable Renewable Living will be released in the coming weeks!

Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to watch episode 4 upon its release!

What Lies Ahead?

Moving forward the FIC will more directly address the reality of how racial and economic factors affect who participates in the communities movement and how this movement can be a real force for change in the world.

Future seasons of Planet Community are being planned for the Western and Eastern US to further explore inspiring examples of cooperative living and the communities movement in action.

We look forward to fostering community connections next year!

FIC staff meeting fall 2018

FIC Staff and Board members look backward, sideways and ahead while addressing organizational goals and objectives at the Fall 2018 retreat held at Twin Oaks Community.


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