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Exploring Cooperation in Action

What happens when people work together to create solutions to the social, economic, and ecological issues we face today?

Planet Community is an exploration of intentional communities that are living better by living together. The journey starts with communities in the Midwest of the US.


Episode 5 – Black Oaks Center for Sustainable & Renewable Living

Episode 4 – Cohousing Communities of Ann Arbor

Episode 3 – Enright Ridge Urban Ecovillage

Episode 2 – Student Housing Coops and the Inter-Cooperative Council

Episode 1 – Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage


These videos will serve as part of a longer documentary with the same working title currently being produced by Skillly Media. FIC is grateful to the donors of the crowd funding campaign for getting the Planet Community project this far.

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Intentional Communities provide holistic solutions to systemic global issues.

Society has the capacity to support the health and wellbeing of all life. Recognizing that the health and wellbeing of one depends on the health and wellbeing of all, Planet Community aims to shine a spotlight on some of the empowering, practical, inspiring examples of communities working towards this.

With proper funding, future tours will visit the rest of the US, Canada, Mexico, and other continents, exploring inspiring examples of cooperative culture and the communities movement in action across the entire Planet!

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