Season 1 has been Funded — Thank you crowdfunding supporters!

Look for new episodes to drop in late October. In the meantime, check out the pilot episode and the pitch video below to learn more about Planet Community.


Intentional Communities are holistic solutions to global systemic issues. 



We believe that society has the capacity to support the health and wellbeing of all life.

Recognizing that the health and wellbeing of one depends on the health and wellbeing of all, we can’t wait to shine a spotlight on some of the empowering, inspiring examples of communities working towards this.

How did communities start? What are their unique values and methods? How do they sustain themselves?

Help us to Spotlight Cooperative Solutions

We believe that this project exemplifies our values of cooperation, sustainability and social justice.

Season 1 of Planet Community tours through the Midwest, but this is only the start. Future seasons are being planned for the Western and Eastern US, exploring inspiring examples of cooperative culture and the communities movement in action.

Your contribution not only allows us to start this series, it also helps to collect footage that will lead towards our ultimate goal: to create a feature-length documentary we can release far and wide!


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