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Your Future Depends on Cooperative Culture

Intentional Communities demonstrate what is possible when people take cooperation to the next level — by creating a community together where they can live in a way that reflects their shared values.

Intentional Communities come in many shapes and sizes, and go by many names, including cohousing, ecovillages, cooperative housing, communes, etc.

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FIC Resources for Intentional Communities

Learning Resources

Learn about intentional communities, sustainability, communication, and other cooperative stories and skills through Communities Bookstore.

Find Your Community

Discover and connect to intentional communities around the globe. Search the Communities Directory by your location, type, or interest.

Life in Community

Take an inside look into cooperative culture and intentional communities with Communities Magazine. This issue is: Class, Race, & Privilege.

Together we are Resilient.

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Systematic problems require holistic solutions.

Intentional communities are charting a course to a cooperative, just, and sustainable human presence on the planet.

The Fellowship for Intentional Community’s mission is to support and promote the development of intentional communities and the evolution of cooperative culture.

FIC believes in community values such as:

  • Fair Access to Resources and Opportunities.
  • Cooperative Culture and Interdependent Worldview.
  • Regenerative and Resilient Relationship to Earth.
  • Genuine Connection and Purposeful Belonging.
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