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by Christopher, Communities Business Manager

Earth is Our Home

All communities on this planet depend on Earth to survive. What should be self-evident is too often lost in the noise of commerce and progress. Earth is a lucky living system we are integrally a part of. We depend on this, and uniquely, we hold the power to change it.

Take a deeeeeep breath.

Enjoy the comfort and relief of full lungs of air.

Today take a moment to feel your bare feet on the grass. Feel the sun warming your cheeks, and the wind cooling your brow. Notice how nature sings all around you.

Earth Day 2015 Change This AssessmentTake it all in. You are home!

We come from this pleasure planet, and we will return to it. Let us be good stewards of our home while we are herefor all of Earth’s communities, and for generations to come.

…In other words, let’s wise up and unite to shed this sometimes fair assessment…………………

Happy Earth Day!

Here are some ways to participate in and encourage healthier relationships with Earth:

Localization―build and barter with local people, farms, and businesses to procure as many of your needs as possible. Grow food, teas, medicines, and valuable goods. Learn water management techniques to irrigate crops, restore water tables, and to be more independent.

Consume Consciouslywhere you buy things from matters. Support organic and local farms and businesses as much as you can. Some companies have ethical principles about the environment and well-being deeply imbedded in their mission and actions, so when you cannot procure things locally or do without, support those who are working to make it better.

Reduce Wastedo you need to buy something new, or can you share it with someone? There are many resources designed to facilitate more sharing and reuse. For example there are book, toy, and tool libraries, sites to ride share or garden share, and sites with free or low cost reused goods such as, craigslist, and our friends at Mass Mosaic.

Become Activethere are levers of power out there, and decisions being made every day that determine how the environment will be cared for, which energy, water, and waste systems will be funded, where lands will be fracked or protected. Your voice and your vote, whether you like it or not, matters and counts, especially when it is united in action with many others. Talk with your friends and neighbors, plug into your local politics, and see where you and your community can get meaningfully involved in
creating movements.

Permaculturestudy up on this design science that uses principles of nature to construct  intelligent restorative ecosystems. Gaia’s Garden is an excellent introduction, has tons of forums and information, and you can find design certification courses online.

Educate Yourself
teach yourself and your loved ones about planetary health issues. See Netflix environmental documentaries, and check out works by Bill McKibben such as Deep Economy and Naomi Klein’s ‘This Changes Everything.’ The more the people know, the more inspired to act they will be, the more creative ideas and solutions can be found, and the more the world can be shifted in a direction of living in balance with the planet.

Support Organizationsdonate to, volunteer, or work for, or invent, organizations or actions to change laws and minds, educate people, and facilitate positive changes!

Our relationship with Earth can, and must, be rethought and healed. Let’s each do our part, and work together, to make the most of our stewardship of this lovely place called home.

Enjoy this Earth today!

Christopher Kindig, FIC

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