Cohousing Communities in Small Towns Nationwide

Posted on January 21, 2008 by

With over 100 completed cohousing communities in the US, and the idea getting more and more interest and attention, its not surprising that we would see it cropping up in smaller towns across the country.

In just the past few days we’ve found the following articles:

Activists are working on getting a cohousing community started in the Mother Lode near Yosemite National Park in Califnornia.

In Montrose, Colorado a group is trying get a cohousing community started near Grand Junction.

In Noblesville, IN the daily paper is running articles on how to organize your block into cohousing, including a description of N Street Cohousing in Davis, CA.

In Hollister, CA a group is seeking a zoning variance to put in a senior cohousing community with mixed-use, live-work units.

The FIC’s Communities Directory lists over 350 cohousing style communities in the US in various states from forming to completed. CohoUS lists a smaller subset on their cohousing directory as they have a narrower definition of the term.

In either case Cohousing is growing fast and touching the hearts of people in cities big and small who are looking for more community in their lives.

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