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Can we grow old in community?

Posted on October 3, 2017 by
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Community Bookstore Special
Best of Communities
The Cream of Our Crop
Elders in Community
by Kim Kanney, Community Bookstore Manager

Best of Communities Vol IX digital and print compilationBest of Communities Volume IX
Elders in Community
A special selection of articles from Communities: Life in Cooperative Culture

$10 Digital, $15 Print

The Foundation for Intentional Community is pleased to offer you the cream of our crop―the very best articles that have appeared over the last 20 years in our flagship publications: Communities magazine and the Communities Directory.
We’ve distilled what we consider the most insightful and helpful articles on the topics that you―our readers―have told us you care about most, and have organized them into 15 scintillating collections.

 Arguably the most popular theme in the intentional communities conversation is about growing old in community. As the community movement matures, so do its followers (along with a beautiful new crop of young, enthusiastic folks too). The Community for Elders compilation highlights stories and common topics of interest for people young and old alike. You will find a story of a three generations family living together in an ecovillage. You will also read of stories about how some have dealt with change over time, and how others have embraced aging and illness. Authors answer if they can grow old, find support, and feel productive in community. Finally, many will discuss seeking and living in senior cohousing. 

Don’t miss this opportunity to have our greatest articles all in one place! Order Volume IX today or get the entire set!

Want more on these topics? Order the print or digital version of these back issues:

#166 Community for Baby Boomers (digital-only available)
#149 Elders (print and digital available)
#89 Growing Older in Community (digital-only available)


Baby Boomers in Community   Elders in Community   Growing Older in Community

Or check out this book about aging happily in community:

With a Little Help from Our Friends: It won’t come as news to anyone that staying active, social and connected are essential to healthy and happy aging. In this award-winning book, author-reporter Beth Baker explores just how engaged and resourceful retirees are making this happen.


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