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Communities Magazine #149 (Winter 2010) – Elders

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Getting Elder All the Time — It Takes a Community to Grow an Elder — Elderhood, In and Out of Community — Further Thoughts on a Community’s Changes — On Becoming Elders — And I Listen: Staying connected and building trust when adult children choose the “alternative” lifestyle of living in community — Remembering Jane Owen: New Harmony’s Joyful Elder — Poor Minutes Lead to Wasted Hours: Keys to Effective Notetaking

Now only available in digital. Wish we had it in print? Check out our Best of Communities compilation: Volume IX – Community for Elders.


  • NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: GETTING ELDER ALL THE TIME – Community can be balm for the discomforts of aging, just as elders’ wisdom and caring can soothe the growing pains of youth. by Chris Roth
  • IT TAKES A COMMUNITY TO GROW AN ELDER – After confronting an identity crisis worthy of adolescence, a 65-year-old finds a new home in community and discovers that elderhood is a blessing, not a curse. an Elder by Rebecca Dale
  • ELDERHOOD, IN AND OUT OF COMMUNITY – A disenchanted community founder leaves her group, and finds that her rural hometown farming community and international travel and service better match her vision of honorable elderhood. by Dianne G. Brause
  • FURTHER THOUGHTS ON A COMMUNITY’S CHANGES – This companion piece to Elderhood, In and Out of Community gives further reflections from community members.
  • ON BECOMING ELDERS – For many baby boomers, taking on the mantle of eldership means transforming the sometimes rambunctious, in-your-face, empowerment-obsessed energy they worked so hard to sustain. by Arjuna da Silva
  • AND I LISTEN: Staying connected and building trust when adult children choose the “alternative” lifestyle of living in community – Howling, shouting, cries of despair, and The Pierced One greet a parent on her first visit to her daughter’s adopted community. Luckily, through lots of talking and listening, things improve. by Victoria Albright
  • REMEMBERING JANE OWEN: New Harmony’s Joyful Elder – In reviving and restoring the site of two historical intentional communities, a town’s benefactor revitalized its sense of present-day community as she continued to dream, create, grow, and give. by Nancy Roth
  • GROUP PROCESS: POOR MINUTES LEAD TO WASTED HOURS: Keys to Effective Notetaking by Laird Schaub
  • Remembrances–Remembering Fred Lanphear; Remembering Margo Adair
  • Publisher’s Note–The Passing of a Gentle Warrior for Peace by Laird Schaub
  • Cooperative Group Solutions–Eggshells and Stone Walls by Tree Bressen, Beatrice Briggs, Laird Schaub
  • Remembering Jane Owen: New Harmony’s Joyful Elder by Nancy Roth
  • Snapshots of Elders–The Beauty and Bounty of Aging Within Community by Niánn Emerson Chase
  • The Elder and the Community: Perspectives from Sao Paulo by Beatriz Vera Pozzi Redko
  • Four Steps to an Elder’s Throne by Understanding R Israel, M. Ed.
  • Kronus and Crone by Isis Aquarian
  • Aging in Community by Raines Cohen
  • The Making of Senior Cohousing: The Story of Wolf Creek Lodge by Suzanne Marriott
  • Reinventing Retirement and Assisted Living Communities by Jennifer Munns Burnham (JaFoo)
  • Green Houses: Providing Humane Care for Elders by Deborah Altus
  • Community Living Worldwide–Mish’ol: An Urban Kibbutz by Bill Metcalf
  • Reviews–The View from #410; Days of Fire and Glory; An Unconventional Journey by Ma’ikwe Schaub Ludwig
  • Group Process–Six Traps: How Good Meetings Go Bad by Beatrice Briggs
  • Group Process–Poor Minutes Lead to Wasted Hours: 
  • Creating Cooperative Culture–Tamar Friedner: Leaving a Legacy of Beauty

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