Best of Communities IX – Community for Elders

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Are you looking for a community to spend your elder years? Aging in community is both a common pursuit and a growing trend. This book includes 15 of the best articles from Communities magazine about who, how, and why to grow old in community.


Best of Communities Magazine

Communities magazine is the leading publication for all topics related to intentional community. From the broad-stroked overviews to the intimate details, this quarterly publication covers it all. With so much content to explore, we’ve distilled it into a single compilation!

Volume IX – Community for Elders

Are you looking for a community to spend your elder years? Aging in community is both a common pursuit and a growing trend. Whether it is to find a community of cohorts more dynamic than a retirement home, or a multi-generational community with wide range of diversity and activity, there is a lot to explore for elders.

The following 15 articles examine who, how, and why to grow old in community.

You will recognize authors leading the intentional community movement, representing cutting-edge thinking and how-to explorations of the social, ecological, and economic aspects of sustainable living.

Volume IX includes the following articles:

  1. To the Ecovillage: Do Family Dynamics Change When Three Generations Move to the Same Community? by Diana Leafe Christian, #112
  2. Graying in Community . . . Can we continue to live in community as we grow older? by Darin Fenger, #132
  3. Supporting the Aging Process in Community by Marie H. Schutz, #89
  4. Listening to the Wisdom of Our Elders by Elizabeth Younger, #89
  5. Growth and Well-Being in a Senior Co-op (including Senior Housing Co-ops, Deborah Altus) by Bevelyn Carpenter, #89
  6. Friendship & Shared Living by Margaret Harmon, #89
  7. How Will I Live My Elder Years in Community? by Neshama Abraham Paiss, #119
  8. It Takes a Community to Grow an Elder by Rebecca Dale, #149
  9. Elderhood, In and Out of Community by Dianne Brause, #149
  10. Fear of Change in Long-Term Intentional Communities and Ecovillages by Coyote Alberto Ruz, #157
  11. Embracing a Terminal Illness by Fred Lanphear, #145
  12. Aging in Community by Raines Cohen, #149
  13. Elder Cohousing: An Idea Whose Time Has Come? (including What Older Cohousers Say about Elder Cohousing, Craig Ragland) by Neshama Abraham and Kate deLaGrange, #132
  14. Community and Health: Immigrant Senior Cohousing in the Netherlands by Dorit Fromm and Els de Jong, #145
  15. Senior Cohousing: Establishing a Healthy, Sustainable Lifestyle for an Aging Generation by Chuck Durrett, #145

Best of Communities BundleYou can have ALL the BEST

Volume IX is part of a 15-volume compilation of the Best of Communities magazine. The set includes over 200 articles about intentional communities from the 1990’s and 2000’s. Purchase the entire set and save!




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