30 years of building a movement – What have we accomplished?

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30 Years Of Building A Movement
What Have We Accomplished
by Sky Blue, FIC Executive Director

30 years of building community, and a movement

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 A lot’s changed in the last 30 years. The internet alone as transformed just about everything. We constantly hear stories from people about how they found their community through the online Directory. Having a website is just a given today, but www.ic.org was started back in 1994 (not without considerable concern and skepticism), when two-letter domain names were still available.

The intentional communities movement has become, well, a movement, something to be studied, and something people can find not just a home in but a career path. Check out the blog posts below for more.

Major Events in FIC History

   FIC History - Timeline

30 Blog Posts ― 30 Days

   FIC 30 years 30 blog posts

30 years of something even better than volleyball
– Day 6
Chris Roth, Editor, Communities magazine
Intentional Community as a career path? It’s possible! – Day 7
Diana Leafe Christian, author, Sociocracy trainer, consultant and former Editor, Communities magazine
FIC’s First Communities Directory – Day 8
Laird Schaub, former Executive Director
We remember when we fought the FIC to create a website for them – Day 9
Elph, Jillian, and Michael, creators of www.ic.org
Why I Study Intentional Communities
– Day 10
Zach Rubin

30 Years of Service to the Intentional Communities Movement

FIC Stories of Solutions
 For 30 years the FIC has provided networking and support to co-ops, land trusts, Cohousing, ecovillages, communes, and collective living of all kinds. We’ve helped people find communities, helped communities find people, and helped people who want to start communities find each other. We’ve also been a face and point of interaction for media, researchers, and allied movements.

Find out more and help us celebrate.


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