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Your Monthly Freebie: Permaville Handbook

Posted on April 9, 2019 by

The Permaville Handbook:
Strategies of Permaculture Design

By Brian Newhouse of Permaville.com

This nearly 200-paged handbook provides an overview of permaculture’s principles, teaches some core permaculture techniques and practices, and provides direction and resources for connecting with people who share a passion for the work. If you want to live more closely in tune with nature, to live a simpler life and to find other folks who want the same, this book is an introduction. You will learn what permaculture is and how you can apply it to your life, in a short amount of time.

NEW! to our Free Resources page. You can download it right now here.

Permaville.com is not only a “community of people practicing permaculture” but also a platform for author, Brian Newhouse, to share his pilgrimage by foot from Georgia to the border of Mexico. At his website www.permaville.com you can find statistics on his walk of over 1200 miles, his musings along the way, and many more resources.

As a bonus offer, Permaville is gifting you a major discount on the online course that follows the Permaville Handbook. Visit this special offer link to get the course for only $10 (originally $44.99)! 

“Sustainable living made simple: Basics of permaculture design” provides a general outline to living off the land. Based on the 72-hour certified permaculture design course, participants will gain an understanding of principles and practices needed to live off the land.

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